Comellini cheeses, a very special story.

The Caseificio Comellini dairy has a history of ancient traditions, customs and expertise found along the Via Emilia, a land that is passionate about quality and doing things properly. Here in 1969, between the lowlands and the green hills of Castel San Pietro Terme, brothers Roberto and Sergio Comellini bought a small dairy, continuing the tradition of the master cheesemakers. In those days, milk processing was a practical process based purely on experience. The milk was collected from one cowshed at a time, cold water from the well was used to cool the enzymes and the farmer tasted the milk to measure its pH. The first cheese the dairy produced was its Formaggio di Castel San Pietro.

Doing it the “milky way”.

In 1971, the dairy decided to widen its production to include Casatella and Squacquerone, a soft cheese made on farms throughout Romagna. Local production of this cheese had died out but, thanks to Comellini, it was given a second lease of life, becoming the dairy’s flagship product. As production steadily grew, they needed more space, so in 1995 the business moved to more modern premises just a couple of hundred metres from the original dairy. The new premises, spread over 5000 sqm, had plenty of space for production so it began making Mousse di latte and Stracchino degli Angeli. In 2015 the dairy launched a new range of lactose-free products with vegetable rennet to meet the demands of more diet-conscious consumers, offering wholesome dairy products that are easy to digest.

The dairy today.

With more than 50 years of history, Comellini is a family-run artisan business led by Luca Comellini, Roberto’s son. The dairy has seven product lines which represent the flavours and traditions of the Via Emilia, made with 100% Italian milk, most of which comes from its local controlled supply chain. Many things have changed over the years but two things have remained the same: its passion and determination to deliver the best possible products.