About us

Comellini, fresh cheeses from the Via Emilia.

Nestling in the hills of Castel San Pietro Terme, on the imaginary border between Emilia and Romagna, our dairy is one of the best examples of the ‘good life’ we live in Emilia-Romagna, with its many traditions, landscapes and wholesome lifestyle. 

Our cheeses are made with a very special recipe: love for our traditions, our land and the people who live there. Our dairy farmers, 8 selected farms located just a couple of miles from the dairy, and our workers, many of whom have been part of our “family” for many years, can vouch for this.

The result is fresh and flavoursome cheeses which represent the many different aromas, flavours and traditions of the Via Emilia, each one a delicious stage on a journey along this ancient Roman road.

Our cheese is different, it begins life in the fields.

The wholesome taste of our products is down to the first-class fodder we feed our cows. Grown in and around the Castel San Pietro area, it is rich in proteins and beta carotene. The alfalfa our farmers use, mixed with waxy barley and cereals which vary according to the time of year, gives the milk its unmistakable aroma.

100% local milk, 100% genuine.

Every day we pasteurise and transform around 30,000 litres of fresh cow’s milk, most of which comes from the best dairy farms in the Bologna area. Compliance with strict health and hygiene protocols and continuous laboratory analyses ensure our cheeses have the highest possible organoleptic and safety standards. But that’s not all! The farms with the highest animal welfare standards receive rewards on the base price of milk. Because here at Comellini, quality is always recognised.

PDO: beware of imitations!

Only Squacquerone which is made in Emilia-Romagna in the provinces of Ravenna, Forlì - Cesena, Rimini, Bologna and part of the province of Ferrara can become Squacquerone di Romagna PDO. In 2012 it was awarded Protected Designation of Origin status which requires compliance with precise criteria for feeding livestock, processing times, processing and storage temperatures, transport and packaging methods. This long-awaited designation is the culmination of years of commitment and passion for a product that is quite simply unique.