The Dairy

Adagiato sulle colline di Castel San Pietro Terme, sul confine immaginario tra Emilia e Romagna, il nostro caseificio è uno dei migliori esempi del “buon vivere” che viviamo in Emilia-Romagna, con le sue tante tradizioni, paesaggi e stili di vita sani.

Once upon a time

At times we think back to what it was like when we first started out and the production conditions we worked in. In 1969 cheese making technology was non-existent and work in the dairy was extremely tough for the dairyman.

Caseificio Comellini is one of the original producers of Squacquerone di Romagna PDO, a soft fresh cheese which just melts in the mouth 
and is the classic filling of the famous Romagna flatbread, ‘piadina’.
This delicious, locally produced cheese is a real treat for the taste buds!

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Our Traditional Range

We combine the very best ingredients, our love for our land and the art of cheese making, which we have developed over the years, to produce traditional cheeses from Emilia-Romagna, like Squacquerone di Romagna PDO, Formaggio di Castel San Pietro and Mousse di latte. As well as great Italian classics such as Stracchino degli Angeli, Casatella and Ricotta.

Our Lactose-free Range

Comellini has created a new range of lactose-free products made with vegetable rennet for anyone who is intolerant to lactose but still wants to enjoy fine cheeses. This innovative range includes Squacquerone, Stracchino, Casatella and Formaggio di Castel San Pietro and, thanks to the vegetable rennet extracted from the wild thistle, offers new cheeses with the same delicious flavour of their traditional counterparts. Try them and see for yourself!