Quality and certifications

Everything under control. Yes, everything!

During the production process, we use state-of-the-art stainless steel equipment and check the efficacy of our cleaning and sanitising products by means of swabs and microbiological analyses to ensure the highest possible hygiene standards throughout our facilities. Even the water we use to rinse the equipment is constantly analysed to make sure the internal washing processes are effective. We’re from Emilia-Romagna, we like to be thorough!

We are kind to nature because it is kind to us.

Quality cheese is also associated with respect for the environment. In fact, the waste from our production process is reused as animal feed or to produce biogas. We have also reduced our water consumption because water is a precious commodity and should be used sparingly, and we have installed modern insulation and refrigeration systems to cut energy consumption.

As well as caring about the environment, we care about people, so donate our products to a food bank.

Our packaging is different.

After our cheese has matured, it is transferred to the packaging department, a controlled environment which is kept at an average temperature of 10°C. Our products are packaged in a protective atmosphere, thanks to our modern systems, and the lines differ according to the kind of packaging and shops the products will be sent to. Once the cheese has been packaged, it undergoes a final pre-shipping check using advanced x-ray scanning technologies to detect any metal or non-metal contaminants. Only cheese which passes all these tests ends up on your table!

Comellini on the podium.

Our rigorous laboratory analyses, innovative spirit and ongoing pursuit of quality were recognised at ALMA Caseus, a competition for Italian cheese organised by ALMA, the International School of Italian Cookery, in 2012, 2014 and 2016.

We were also medal winners at the 32nd World Cheese Awards, the international competition for the best cheeses in the world held simultaneously at Festival Forme and B2Cheese; we were awarded the gold medal in the semi-hard cow’s milk category for our Formaggio di Castel San Pietro and a bronze medal in the fresh cow’s milk cheese category for our Stracchino degli Angeli.

In 2019 our Squacquerone di Romagna PDO received the 31st Dino Villani Award for the most outstanding artisan product from the Italian Academy of Cuisine

IFS certification.

In 2015 our production facilities were awarded IFS certification, the international food safety standard recognised by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative)

This standard is a guarantee for our customers that our products and production processes comply with high safety and quality standards. Certification is an important achievement, especially for retail and mass retail suppliers like us.