Lactose-free Formaggio di Castel San Pietro

This soft cheese, which is named after the town of Castel San Pietro Terme, is now available in the lactose-free version using vegetable rennet from wild thistle! It undergoes a short maturation period, which gives it a thin rind, has a soft centre and the same aroma of fresh butter as the traditional cheese. It is guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds with its 100% local goodness and no lactose!

Lactose-free Formaggio di Castel San Pietro


Want to try Lactose-Free Formaggio di Castel San Pietro? You can find it in the refrigerated section of your supermarket.

400 g

What do you know about wild thistle?

The vegetable rennet used in our range of lactose-free cheeses is obtained from the thistle (Cynara Cardunculus L.): this is a very special plant because it preserves all the flavour and wholesomeness of our specialties. And it is ideal for vegetarians.

Lactose-free Formaggio di Castel San Pietro


Pasteurised MILK, selected enzymes, salt, vegetable coagulant from thistle (Cynara Cardunculus). The product contains glucose and galactose which are produced when lactose is broken down. 

You can find it here

Fridge section
of the supermarket



Nutritional values

Average values and calcium content per 100 g of product

310 kcal / 1283 kJ
26 g
of which saturates
18 g
1,9 g
of which sugars
1,9 g
<0,01 g
17 g
0,84 g
500 mg (62% NRV*)
* Nutrient Reference Value